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The "secret" to being effective is the ability to manage continuity and change...
a discipline that must be practiced even by the most visionary! - Collins & Porras -  


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Is your organization effective? Are you a visionary leader? 

Are your personal values in alignment with your organizational values, mission and vision? Are your teams performing to their full potential?
Leading organizations and individuals are constantly seeking to better understand themselves, capitalize on their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses, optimize performance, increase effectiveness, grow revenues and maintain a competitive advantage. 
Itís a process that can not be done alone Ė visionary organizations and visionary leaders need consultants and coaches to ask the tough questions, provide assessment and action plans, assist in the alignment and provide accountability to get the job done.
Change isnít easy but it isnít completely mysterious either. The right blend of Knowledge, Understanding, Belief and Experience can help you get the results you seek! 

Wade is committed to insuring the highest quality Coaching, Consulting, and Communication Services. 

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Wade is a certified Human Capital Strategist (HCS) through the Human Capital Institute. HCS is the recognized credential for strategic knowledge in talent management. It is an important achievement for leaders in human resources, organizational development, recruitment, corporate learning and other strategic talent practices. For more information about the Human Capital Institute, visit www.hci.org.

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